Thursday, September 24, 2009


Hi All LinkSys Fans, I am currently developing the firmware for this particular LinkSys wireless router that I am having it as my project. I would like to share all the things that I had made and learned to everyone.

Hope everyone will also share the information around and developing a powerful wireless router out of the small little box.

Currently, I had already dismantle the whole router out and already build the JTAG cable for re-flashing back the firmware. I like dd-wrt and as well as the openwrt. The reason I choose openwrt is because it is flexible and nice to configure.

I had bricked my wireless router and fixed it back by using a home made JTAG cable. I will post more pictures that I had taken from my LG phone (Repaired by myself) to this blog.

I will also show everyone on how to build a cheap and also $0 cost JTAG cable to your LinkSys WRT54G2 wireless router.

Have Fun!

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