Friday, September 25, 2009


Below are my working schedule on the WRT54G2 wireless router modem. I will updating it frequently:

Day 1
- Wrote some scripts for the repository. Basically is just a simple script that helps me to download all the repository from the specific site. Well it takes quite a while for me to download it. Well, it consists of the kamikazi original source code and the packages.

- Reading and googling on how to build the OpenWRT firmware

Day 2
- Compiling the firmware and learning how to configure the whole thing.

- Building the JTAG. Due to problem on my new firmware causes the whole wireless modem hung.

- Learning how to use JTAG for flashing the bricked wireless modem.

Day 3
- Due to unknown problem for the firmware that I had built, I decided to build a simple output console using MAX232 but unfortunately, I had broken one of the IC terminals. In the end, using the olden day technology - One NPN transistor for the signal amplification.

- It works and I found out the problem through the serial console. It was a big mistakes that I was using the dd-wrt CFE for openwrt. No wonder it is not working at all.

Day 4
- Learning how to extract the CFE from the original cfe.

Day 5
- Flashing newly developed firmware into the wireless router.
- A bit problem but at least can see some outputs from the serial console.

Day 6
- Finally, my firmware is working but requires lots of hacking here and there
- Trying to make the MMC running as well

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