Sunday, September 27, 2009

How to Use tjtag to flash the WRT54G2

The first time I was facing a serious problem after I had updated the firmware with a problematic firmware. It left me no choice but force me to use a JTAG cable to flash the bricked wireless router.

To flash it properly, you need to make sure you download the the tjtag. It is for linux users. Windows users please find your way to use this application as I am not good in operating Windows.

For the WRT54G2 use /fc:10 as something like below:
root@node01:~/tjtag -flash:cfe /skipdetect /fc:10

It may be varies for different versions and model. For my model I had found that chipset is equivalent to the fc:10. In the later post I will show you how I found out the model for this wireless router.

Remember to copy the CFE.BIN to the working directory as we only flash the CFE and not the whole firmware. Flashing the whole firmware will takes TWO hours. I had tried a few times and wasted lots of time. Flashing the CFE will only takes about FIVE minutes and you can do many trials and errors.

Flash with CFE then reboot the wireless modem then upload the firmware with tftp ready. For how to use linux command tftp, I will show you all in the later post.

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