Sunday, October 4, 2009

WhiteRussian VS Kamikaze 8.09

Hmm, I had been strugling which to use. According to what I had found that a lot of people is prefered WhiteRussian.

I personally have no idea yet as I just realized that the kamikaze version do have some minor problem. I was recompiling the mmc module and redo all the wirings. At first I thought that was my wiring problem and dismental everything then use the MMC micro SD adapter which I am having a few of them. So, I just soldered direct to the thing.

I had also double checked all the connections using my multimeter but no luck. All the mmc drivers that I had recompile to my GPIO configurations, it seems not working.

This is due to the cpu cycles problem for the kamikaze version - according to one of the site that I had found.

Anyway, I am trying out the WhiteRussian version and will update the blog again.


mago_do_asfalto said...

hi! I also bought a wrt54G2, I flashed it with dd-wrt as a step to put openWRT on it. I intend then to build openWRT with a modified kernel. not sure yet if it's possible. Is there any chance for us to communicate by e-mail?

aaa said...

same here i bought the wrt54g2,and i need to put a serial port on it to communicate with a micro-controller on a wifi-robot!
but i really dont know from where to start?
first of all,(a stupid question)do i need to put the LINUX OS on my pc instead of windows XP?

Federico said...

Hi! I own two wrt54g2 routers, and I flashed them with dd-wrt. I need to create a VPN server and client with those routers, but now I see that "micro" version of this firmware does not include PPTP support.
Could it be done with openwrt? Do I need to compile my own firmware version to do this?

Thank you.

(sorry for my english)